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Our Mission

United Medical Equipment Company  is a privately owned company, allowing the founder and staff to stay firmly focused on building quality customer-vender relationship and providing outstanding customer service


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Company Profile

UMECO, although relatively medium sized company, the secret of its strength and success revolves around its owner, founder, and chairman; Dr. Yacoub Al-Lahow, through his vast experience and significant contacts and relationships, which he accumulated throughout the years. This qualifies him not only to be a first class professional businessman, but also an expert and consultant. As such, he was smart enough to maintain and develop his excellent business and social contacts in both public and private sectors not only in Kuwaiti but also Worldwide; enjoying and building up a solid pyramid of good will, trust, flexibility, good reputation and reliability in the local and international markets. Dr.Yacoub is a general surgery specialist. He has BA in Medicine from Cairo University, a Magistrate in Hospital Management from Michigan University USA, as well as Magistrate in Military sciences from the United Kingdom

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